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Monuments from all eras of the eventful Peloponnesian history, unique archeological spots such as ancient Olympia, Mycenae.

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Monuments from all eras of the eventful Peloponnesian history, unique archeological spots such as ancient Olympia, Mycenae, Epidaurus and Tiryns, Byzantine churches, interesting settlements and impressive castles, natural charms such as forests, mountains, caves and rivers, bordered by the sea, scenic beaches, smooth and sandy bays in the West, rocky and dentellated on the East; all of the above make this part of the country perfectly suited for vacations, sports, touring and diving into its culture and its history. It is not an accident that, particularly during the summer season, numerous tourists arrive in Peloponnese from all over the globe to travel across it. This is an especially popular choice for a trip.
Peloponnese, with its gulfs in Patras, Corinth, the Saronic, Argolida, Messinia and Laconia, is shaped like a large tree leaf, and this is why it was called “Morias” in the past. It features a dry climate on the East, cold and snowy with rich vegetation in its central area and the mountainous regions, and heat and rain in the West.
Peloponnese has been settled since the middle Paleolithic era (ca. 100,000 years BC). Greek civilization began during the Copper Age, and after 2,000 BC the first Greek populations arrived in the area. Some centuries later, Mycenae were the focal point of the Greek world. Excavations confirm the Homeric Mycenaean legend, while the ruins of Pylos match the references for the well-known Palace of King Nestor in the western Peloponnese.
Just like the Greek summer, which is as such linked to the sea and all its delights, the Peloponnesian summer is all about discovering a wealth of marvelous beaches where one can enjoy memorable experiences. A wide range of different beaches await you to discover them, some of them evaluated as among the best of the entire Mediterranean. Who wouldn’t dream of diving into the gleaming waters of Simos in Elafonisos or the exotic Voidokilia in Pylos, or absorbing the sun lying on the golden sand of Finikounda and exploring the sapphire coasts of Argolida? There is such a big number of beaches available in the Peloponnese, and no two of them are exactly similar.
For the sporty traveler, the Peloponnese is boundless. It is like a vast outdoor sporting space, a legendary and limitless arena. From its snow-topped mountains and ski centers to its glowing beaches, adventure awaits you, and everything is about action.

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