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Corfu (Kerkyra), an island with a deep and broad multicultural heritage, historical monuments.

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Corfu (Kerkyra), an island with a deep and broad multicultural heritage, historical monuments, magnificent landscapes and crystal-clear seawaters, it is one among the most cosmopolitan places to visit, always captivating for its guests.
Corfu became part of the “Levantine” (i.e. Western) World thanks to the Venetian, the French and the British rule. The cultures of the rulers shaped the island, so that the Old Town of the island (an UNESCO world heritage site) is a blend of Renaissance, Classical and Baroque art in combination with local artistic styles and traditions.
Roam around a network of cobbled narrow streets (kantounia) and you will enjoy a feeling of travelling through time. Imposing fortresses, palaces, public buildings of the Venetian era, beautiful squares and museums will take you through the broad history of the island.
Spianada is the town center, where you will find the largest square in the Balkans, influenced by 19th-century French architecture. At Spianada, visitors can attend musical concerts with the renowned Philharmonic of the island or watch games of cricket.
Enjoy a romantic promenade to Liston, the trademark of the town, with its characteristic arcades, where the aristocrats of an era gone by used to take their strolls.
It is an island with striking natural landscapes and magnificent beaches all along its coastline. Verdant mountains, olive groves, orange gardens, tranquil villages and sapphire waters complement the ambience of this remarkable island.

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